The most valuable card in your wallet is your library card! Greenwood Public Library and Johnson County Public Library are going to help you put that library card to work just in time for “Library Card Sign Up Month” this September.

How to get started

1.  Download the free app or visit to create an account.

2.  Check out library materials to earn points.  Each item you check out is worth 10 points.

3.  Redeem your points on the app or website for discounts and freebies from dozens of participating businesses!


How do I sign up children under thirteen (13)?

A: An adult who has a registered account may add three additional library card numbers to their existing account, which may include a spouse and/or children under thirteen (13). To do this, first log in and go to My Account, then go to My Account Information.

NOTE: In the event you need to add more than three additional card numbers, message us using the quick message web form under Contact Us. Please include your patron card number and the patron card numbers you wish to add to your account in the message.

I have all my family members all under the same account. What is the point limit per week?

A: Each person registered under the same account increases the weekly max by 100 points. For example, if your account consists of 3 people, your joint account can receive up to 300 points per week, using any of the registered card numbers.

Why do I have 600 points after I just registered?

A: You have been accumulating points even before you signed-up. Unregistered users can only receive up to 600 accumulated points. Once registered, a patron may earn unlimited points.

Why aren’t my points showing up?

A: Please be sure you have entered your patron card number correctly. To check your card number, login and go to My Account. Then go to My Account Information.

If you check out items from multiple libraries, please be sure to include the libraries in the "My Libraries" section located in My Account Information If you need additional help, use the quick message web form under Contact Us.

Why does my rewards receipt say, "Weekly Max Reached"?

A: Each patron can receive up to 100 points per week. The weekly cap resets on Monday morning, which allows you to collect more points.

Do I lose my points if I don't use them?

A: No, points never expire.

Once I redeem a reward, where do I find my reward coupon?

A: Once you use your points for a reward, the reward will be available to print at My Account and My Redeemed Rewards. Reward vouchers will be available to print for up to seven days for local offers and anytime for digital gift cards. For mobile app users, e-coupons are automatically generated and found in the My Rewards tab for use at the merchant location.

Can I redeem a reward outside of my library’s town?

A: Yes, you may use your reward points for offers in any town!

Do I get points if I check out items from a different library?

A: Yes, as long as the library is a member of the My Library Rewards™ program and you’re using the same library card, you will receive points from neighboring libraries without setting up a new account.

NOTE: If you check out items from multiple libraries, please be sure to include the libraries in the "My Libraries" section located in My Account Information.

Is there an app for My Library Rewards™?

A: Yes, a free mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

I need help with my account. How can I get some support?

A: Click Contact Us in the event you need help or have questions.