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Title: Orphan Train Girl (Young Readers' Edition)
Author: Christina Baker Kline

Molly has endured years of rejection in foster homes. She attempts to steal a paperback book from the library and is sentenced to 20 hours of community service. She ends up helping 91 year old Vivian clean out her attic full of memories from her past. Vivian was a poor Irish immigrant who was orphaned after a fire and sent off on one of the historic orphan trains to find someone to take her. Her story of overcoming neglect and abuse resonates with Molly. Through Vivian’s friendship, Molly makes great strides in learning to trust again.

This is an adapted version of an adult novel based on the research Kline did on the 250,000+ children who were sent out on the orphan trains from 1854-1929. Many of the horrifying details of the adult book are missing from this edition. This book would make a great Mother/Daughter read.  Recommended for grades 4-8.  AR Level: 4.5 Lexile 700

-Miss Anne