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Title: How to Code a Sandcastle
Author: Josh Funk

We’re living in the age of STEM education, with a conscious effort to encourage scientific skills in young minds. At the library, this means weekly Full Steam Ahead programs for our school-age kids. And for publishing, this means more engaging nonfiction books, and a growing variety of STEM-themed picture books.

How to Code a Sandcastle is a fun, simple introduction to the ideas and principles behind coding. It focuses on Pearl and her robot, Pascal, who are enjoying a day at the beach. Pearl wants to make a sandcastle. She decides to get help from Pascal, but discovers that the directions she gives must be precise. Pascal gets into all sorts of trouble with her faulty code – at one point continuously piling up sand because Pearl did not know to close the loop. For kids who want to learn more about coding, this is a fun introduction to basic tools like if/then and loops.

5 Stars

-Miss Katherine