Bookish Diner

There are those who like food, and there are those who LOVE food. When you mix librarians and food obsessions, the results can be pretty cool. Come explore food topics in a whole new way at Greenwood Public Library. Each presentation includes some books, some recipes, some advice, and some sampling!


Staff Picks | Thursday, April 12th, 6 pm

Calling all foodies!  Join us for a brand new series, where we'll be exploring culinary inspiration from literature.  Each session, we'll look at a different author or series, and sample a few of the dishes mentioned in the books.  This time, we'll be exploring culinary dishes inspired by some of the staff's favorite reads.

If you have ideas for future Bookish Diner programs or would like to become more involved in Greenwood Public Library's culinary education programs, please contact Aubrey Watson at or call 317-885-5036.

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